Air source heat pumps

Go green with an air source heat pump

The team at Finbra are dedicated to greener energy. Air source heat pumps are one way to help homeowners and business owners reduce their carbon footprint. We design and install renewable heating system that will reduce energy bills and use more environmentally responsible methods. The team, led by Jason Finbra the Managing Director, can offer guidance and advice on the right system for your property. With our commitment and recommendations, you will be sure that you have a greener heating system that benefits the planet.

What is an air source heat pump?

We supply, install and service the latest in heat pump systems. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, an air source pump uses the naturally occurring heat from the outside air instead. Working in a similar way to a fridge, heat in the outside air is absorbed and reused to warm the inside of a building. The air will require a boost to achieve the desired temperature, but it’s a reliable and renewable way to heat commercial and domestic buildings. The air heat pump system, also known as a ASHP, can provide both central heating and hot water supply.

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Why choose an air source heat pump system?

As well as being a system that is kinder to the planet, this type of renewable heating system offers a number of benefits to the homeowner or a commercial business owner. First of all, it will save money on heating bills. It is also a great system to install if you are not on mains gas and are perhaps more remotely located. There is also the potential for an income if you can make use of the Renewable Heat Incentive. When it comes to maintenance, the work required is minimal. If a building is occupied all day, this type of heating is ideal because it delivers a lower temperature continuously, unlike a regular gas boiler. The temperature remains more constant and the radiators are not as hot to the touch providing more even heat.

As with all the work that we complete Finbra, we guarantee the parts and craftsmanship for 12 months. Any problems and you can call us to put things right. As more and more of us are turning to renewable heat sources and environmentally responsible ways of working, air source heating systems are becoming popular. We are happy to do an assessment and guide you on the right system for you.

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