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Biomass boilers are an alternative to gas-fired boilers. They can be installed where a mains gas supply isn’t available if you live or work somewhere more rural. Biomass boilers are a renewable heat source and considered a greener option. At Finbra, we are dedicated to helping our local community find alternative ways to heat their homes and business by choosing renewable heating options. With a team of professionally trained engineers, we can guide, supply and install biomass boilers in the Woodbridge and Ipswich area of Suffolk. Our years of expertise means we can offer the highest workmanship backed up with a 12-month guarantee. We pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable service. If you are considering a biomass boiler for your home or commercial building, get in contact with us and we will make an appointment to carry out a survey. With this information, we can advise you of the practicality and cost of a biomass boiler.

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What is a biomass boiler?

Biomass boilers, sometimes called wood-fuelled boilers, burn logs, wood chips or pellets to create heat. The warmth can be used in a single room or the boiler can be linked to a central heating system for the whole building. Water can also be heated by the biomass boiler as well.

The wood chips or pellets burned are clean and can be delivered in small or large quantities to your home or business. Buying them represents a considerable saving when compared to gas or electric. Although burning wood releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, carbon is absorbed by the growing process of the trees used. All the time that new trees continue to be planted to create the fuel for a biomass boiler, the carbon is offset. You could get help with a Renewable Heat Incentive Grant available from the government. This could save you further cash.

If you think a biomass boiler is right for you, let us give you a quote for supply and installation. We are a local company employing local people who care about the community. On a visit to your property, we will look at the available space as biomass boilers are a little bigger than regular boilers. There also needs to be an adequate chimney as well. You will have to consider storage for the wood pellets or logs and consider whether delivery vehicles can get to you easily. There is a lot to think about but we are here to guide you and help you make the best decision.

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