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Are you looking for plumbers in Ipswich and the surrounding areas such as Southwold, Suffolk Coastal, Aldeburgh and Woodbridge? With approximately 61,070 homes in Ipswich, Finbra Ltd have quickly become the local plumbing experts in Ipswich for all plumbing and heating services, including: emergency plumbing, burst pipe repairs, toilet repairs and blocked drain repairs. Our dedicated team of experts based in Ipswich work to a high standard and are Gas Safe registered and OFTEC accredited. After each job we leave your property very tidy - it is the way we work. Call us now on 01394 46033 and our team of Gas Safe qualified experts will get your home back to working order.

Annual Boiler Service in Ipswich

To ensure your boiler is in full working order and safe, we offer an annual boiler service carried out by one of our fully Gas Safe qualified engineers. Getting a boiler service booked in annually is extremely important for many reasons which include:

You can book and pay for your boiler services online and we’ll give you 10% off the price! Our boiler service includes:

  • A thorough check of all pipes for leaks

  • Inspecting parts for wear or corrosion

  • Checking and recording the gas pressure

  • Testing of the pilot light

  • Replacement of boiler cover

  • An official report filed for your records

  • The work area is kept tidy at all times

If you’re a landlord with one or more properties in Ipswich and the surrounding areas, by law it is essential you meet the landlord certification requirements by getting your property inspected by experts. Our Gas Safe engineers will have all your gas appliances, pipes and flues checked annually, allowing you to provide a copy of your CP12 certificate to your tenants.

Finbra features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Woodbridge and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01394 460333 for a free quote and special savings!

Boiler Repairs in Ipswich

Boilers can break down at any time unexpectedly and Finbra Ltd knows it’s the last thing you need on your plate. So if you’re looking for boiler repairs in Ipswich, let Finbra Ltd take care of it. We have experienced boiler repairs specialists in Ipswich that can help you even with emergency boiler repairs. Our highly qualified engineers will quickly access and identify the fault with your boiler as efficiently as possible. We’re transparent with our boiler repairs which means before we start the work, we’ll provide you with a quote - we don’t do hidden surprises and if the boiler repair can’t be carried out due to the age of your boiler, we will install a replacement boiler to your Ipswich home.

It is important to get your boiler repaired if it is not working at the optimum level. Delaying your boiler repair can lead to greater and more expensive repairs further down the line or even a brand new boiler.

Some early signs to look out for include:

  • The level of water in the boiler to ensure it has not reached a level inadequate for use.

  • The pressure and temperature of the boiler is at optimum levels

  • The temperature of the flue gas is at the optimum level

  • Boilers pilot light may have gone out or not catching

  • During winter conditions ensure the condensate pipe is examined to avoid it being frozen and therefore leading to a blockage

Boiler installation in Ipswich

With over 15 years of plumbing experience in installing boilers in homes, we know the importance of a boiler being installed to a high standard to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We also understand there is never a good time to install a boiler, that’s why our prices are hard to beat and we also offer a 10% discount on a boiler installation plus your first annual service is free.

Our teams of expert engineers are qualified to install all major models of gas boilers. Trained to provide and install combi boilers, regular boilers and system boilers from scratch, When it’s time to replace your boiler give Finbra Ltd, the local boiler installation experts in Ipswich a call on 01394 460333.

When it comes to underfloor heating, you’re in safe hands with us. Whether you’re looking to install underfloor heating in the kitchen, bathroom or wet room, we’re here to help make the winter months cosier. There are two different types of underfloor heating available:

Water Underfloor Heating in Ipswich

Water underfloor heating is when your heating system is connected to your central heating system. The boiler heating system heats the water before it travels to the underfloor pipes to heat the room.

Electric Underfloor Heating in Ipswich

Electric underfloor heating uses a series of wires or electric heating series to heat the room. They tend to be fitted within or below the flooring.

Why should you get underfloor heating in your Ipswich home?

  • Heat is distributed evenly and consistently in each room as heat comes from every area of the floor, rather than a single radiator in a room.

  • Can mean the elimination of radiators, meaning more space is freed up.

  • Once installed, little maintenance is required.

  • Most importantly, your feet are kept warm and cosy!

Expert Bathroom Fitters in Ipswich

We understand your bathroom should be a place of relaxation for you at the end of a long day. With over 15 years of experience in bathroom designs and installations, you can count on us to transform your bathroom into something magical. Our team of expert bathroom fitters will map out the whole bathroom for you and advise you on where to place the bath, shower, basin and toilet to make the most of the space available. When it comes to the bathroom wall and floor tiling, we’ll work with your budget and make it work for you. Depending on the bathroom design you’re going for we can fully title your bathroom, tile half walls or just around the bath and basin area.

We can fit and supply:

  • Bath

  • Basins/taps

  • Showers

  • Units

  • Tilings

  • Shower panels

  • Wet rooms, accessible rooms and more

Renewable Heating Services in Ipswich

Interested in changing your heating system to a more renewable and eco-friendly alternative, which is cost effective? Not only are we experts in all things plumbing but we also specialise in renewable heating services in Ipswich. Contact us today for more information on renewable heating systems.


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