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Power Flushing Your System

Do you think that your central heating system might benefit from a power flush? If your heating is fairly new, it shouldn’t need power flushing, but older systems might require a cleansing. These are the signs to look for:

  • Cold areas on the radiators

  • Your rooms aren’t warming up as well as before

  • A rise in your heating bill that can’t be explained

  • Unusual noises from the boiler

If you are experiencing signs such as these we can survey your boiler and radiators to see whether your system would be improved with a professional power flush. After a flushing service has been completed, you should see a more efficient heating system and a reduction in your gas bill. Flushes also help protect the boiler - a cleaner system will put less strain on it thus lengthening the life of the appliance.

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Why is a power flush needed?

A central heating system circulates water around the home to provide warmth. Over the years, the water becomes contaminated with dirt, limescale, rust and debris. These particles can build up and cause blockages in areas. This ultimately can lead to an inefficient system and boiler breakdowns.

A power flush cleanses the water and removes the debris in the water. With cleaner water internally, the flow is restored and the radiators work better. The boiler is also protected and under less strain – resulting in a lowering of bills.

Power flushing should only be completed by trained engineers who have the latest equipment. Experience tells us the correct chemicals and processes to ensure joints and pipes are not damaged. Power flushes are inexpensive and take a few hours to complete. The benefits are worth the work. Our team is expert at the procedure and make sure we remove all materials and clean up thoroughly.

We are available to power flush an older heating system and get it working effectively again. Our team will also complete a cleanse prior to a new boiler being installed. A cleanse is recommended before a boiler replacement so that old debris isn’t pushed through a brand new appliance. It’s worth having this work all done at the same time.

If you’re not sure whether a power flushing of your heating system is necessary, get in contact with us at Finbra and we will survey your property. We are happy to offer our guidance and let you know the costs involved should you decide to go ahead.

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