Everything You Need to Know About Renewable Energy

June 29, 2021

Using renewable energy sources to heat our homes is a great step in moving to reverse the effects of climate change. A renewable energy source is replenished naturally and constantly. This includes sunlight, wind, tidal power, thermal, and biomass energy. Moving towards more sustainable energy poses many benefits such as counteracting the effects of climate change and decreasing the reliance on other countries for energy, creating energy security. Renewable energy sources have also proved to be cheaper and cleaner methods of providing energy. Here at Finbra, our engineers are fully trained in installing renewable energy systems. We service Suffolk Coastal, Woolbridge, Ipswich, and surrounding areas.

Why Do We Need Renewable Energy?

Energy Security

As fossil fuels begin to dwindle, energy security is becoming more crucial. More than ever before demands on energy supply often outstrip the supply of conventional production forcing prices up. The price of oil has fluctuated greatly in the last 10-15 years. Oil prices have a knock-on effect on the economy. We must remember that oil is a commodity and prices can become erratic. Having your own energy source diminishes the fear of running out of your energy source.

Carbon Emissions & Climate Change

Most renewable energy sources and the technologies used to harness them are low carbon emissions. In the current state of climate change, this is an important aspect to consider to reduce the harm being done to our planet. We could never fully go carbon neutral as it takes resources to build the systems. However, we can take steps to reduce our carbon footprint such as installing renewable energy systems.

Public Health

Oil, coal, and gas drilling and mining create high levels of pollution, that are then pumped into local environments and the wider atmosphere. We have known for decades about the knock-on effect of industrial processes on public health. Few renewables are entirely emission-free, but their output is much lower than conventional fossil fuel acquisition and processing.

Renewable Energy Sources

Air Source Heat Pumps

We supply, install and service the latest in heat pump systems. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, an air source pump uses the naturally occurring heat from the outside air instead. Working in a similar way to a fridge, heat in the outside air is absorbed and reused to warm the inside of a building. The air will require a boost to achieve the desired temperature, but it’s a reliable and renewable way to heat commercial and domestic buildings. The air heat pump system, also known as an ASHP, can provide both central heating and hot water supply.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps, or GSHPs, offer a renewable and smarter way of heating a building. At Finbra we are experienced and trained to supply, fit and service ground source heat pumps for domestic homes and commercial buildings. Working in the Woodbridge and Ipswich area of Suffolk, our team is committed to assisting the local community with greener heating options. It is generally agreed that we need to explore alternative ways of heating our homes and businesses. To keep relying on fossil fuel is no longer an option and we need to take steps to move away from this method for future generations.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are an alternative to gas-fired boilers. They can be installed where a mains gas supply isn’t available if you live or work somewhere more rural. Biomass boilers are a renewable heat source and considered a greener option. At Finbra, we are dedicated to helping our local community find alternative ways to heat their homes and business by choosing renewable heating options. With a team of professionally trained engineers, we can guide, supply, and install biomass boilers in the Woodbridge and Ipswich area of Suffolk. Our years of expertise mean we can offer the highest workmanship backed up with a 12-month guarantee. We pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable service. If you are considering a biomass boiler for your home or commercial building, get in contact with us and we will make an appointment to carry out a survey. With this information, we can advise you of the practicality and cost of a biomass boiler.

If you’re looking to install a renewable energy system in your home, contact Finbra today

Everything You Need to Know About Renewable Energy

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