Are Ground Source Heat Pumps Noisy?

January 11, 2022

What Does a Ground Source Heat Pump Sound Like?

Noise isn’t often associated with ground source heat pumps due to the lack of need for a fan unit. There are some components of a ground source heat pump that make some noises however, they will not produce more than 40 decibels of noise. Whereas an air source heat pump will require a fan unit and high power capacity compressor and will operate at around 40-60 decibels.

The heat from the ground is more consistent. This means that your ground source heat pump does not require a high power capacity compressor. The heat pump does not always need to operate at maximum capacity. This helps to keep the operating noise levels quieter. If you stand one metre away, a ground source heat pump will produce a maximum of 40 decibels of noise. This is much quieter than an air source heat pump and has a similar operation noise to a typical domestic fridge. The noisiest parts of your heat pump will be located inside your home and if installed properly, you and your neighbours should not notice any excess noise or changes to your outdoor environment.

Are Air Source Heat Pumps as Noisy as Ground Source?

No. As mentioned above ground source heat pumps operate much quieter than air source heat pumps. This is due to a ground source heat pump not requiring a fan or high power capacity compressor. For customers who want to switch to renewable energy but are worried about the impact of noise on theirs and their neighbours’ lives, a ground source heat pump is the perfect solution.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

A ground source heat pump is a renewable heating system. A ground source heat pump extracts low-temperature solar energy from the ground or water using buried pipework, and then compresses this energy into a higher temperature.

Not every property is suitable to have a ground source heat pump installed. Before deciding to go ahead with the installation, there are 5 key things you will need to consider:

  1. Size of your property
  2. Install the pipes
  3. Insulation
  4. Install the heat pump
  5. Register Device

Here at Finbra Smart Plumbing, our qualified installers in Suffolk Coastal, Ipswich, and the surrounding Woodbridge areas, are highly experienced in ground source heat pump installation. To start your journey towards renewable energy, call us today.

Are Ground Source Heat Pumps Noisy

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